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Meet my friend

my pet!


I have been simpsonized!!!!sort of...lol...worth a try just for laughs



busy days are here again

september, the first days of spring..the season of new beginning, where trees blossom again and pollens begin to land on our noses. Unfortunately, I seem to have gotten a bad case of the sniffles and thus can only have sporadic moments for when I can smell the fresh air. Still, one is thankful for his pillar of support when one constantly looks like he has just rose up from bed (I savoured the crispy chicken on rice and am happy that my craving for hot soup has been satiated..Thank you :D)
Now, September...by far has been one of the most hectic months I have encountered this year...probably due to the fact that many things in my life at this point are coming to a close..I will be graduating in 2 months, vacating my current premises for greener pastures, and probably going to start a 9-5pm job next year. So, with all these revolving around me..I think it pays to listen to advice from the outside and take things one step at a time..the first being to pack up, while reviewing thru whatever notes I can grab my hands on...Wake me up when september ends indeed... -_-

363 days

Thank you, words don't do justice in expressing how i feel for you, but I'm glad you know anyways :)

(3+6+3=12 mths) ;)


Familiarity...probably one of the things that we don't know how to appreciate until we distance ourselved from all that is familiar...Returning back to melbourne from Shepparton is strangely similar to returning home in Malaysia...that strange feeling that can only be described as wanting to give a shout out to the world "I'm back!!" that's the sort of appreciation I am aiming to describe..Walking down the streets of melbourne never felt so good, and spending time with the people i love..it makes staying here worthwhile..if only to fully appreciate what it means to return..
Picture garfield and Lasagna as an analogy

Granted, life here isn't too bad..but it can be better, and i know that complaining won't help much, but at least it helps get the issue off my shoulder...the issue being i am living with a two headed, no-good lying revolting piece of humoid organic matter...and that I have to pretend to be indifferent (there, saying that out in one sentence, makes me feel so much better)
I shall brave it out, and return to the all-welcoming comfort of familiarity soon enough.

A little issue of mine

good morning good morning...here i am in the hospital on this gloomy monday morning using the computer in the lab.
Now, u might ask the question: Dear sir, why are u using the computer in the school at such an unearthly hour? Shouldn't you be at work or in a lecture?
And my answer would be: well, my friend, the reason for my being here is that i'm on-call...this strange policy the school has for dragging me all the way here in the morning so that i can wait with great patience to replace one of my colleague should they fall ill or decide to not turn up at one of their allocated community clinics.
Now the whole concept of being on-call would be pretty nice, if not for 2 things
1) I have to get up early in the morning to sit here and update my blog, and wait till 1145 am at which point i can be let off the hook
2) they pay for travel expenses to the place but not the trip home....PAY my way home!! i can't suddenly develop wings and a good sense of direction home (especially if i haven't been to the place before)!! you would think they can at least have the decency of supplying us with a daily tram/bus ticket so that we can travel to a main interchange should we get lost...

Because of this two points, i actually hope that my phone won't ring and display and unknown number in the next 2 hours
Nuff said...

a weekend getaway

Weekend getaway to the mornington peninsula with honee. Had lots of fun visiting Boneo maze and Wetlands (Giant checkers hehe) We also went to visit the colourful beach houses on brighton beach and enjoy a scrumptious bacon and egg breakfast nearby :P Ended the day watching the sunset on the beach, before making our way to crown for buffet dinner (we missed lunch in our excitement hehe)

Day2--> DFO shopping with Honee and Pukey
Had lots of fun shopping...funny thing was we all ended up buying a pair of shoes... Got quite a few good bargains too, 2 shirts and $20 Jeans :D
Honee looks really cute in her new dress-top too!!

Havin fun that can't be summed up with words: Priceless :)


Imax theatre experience of spiderman3 (25 people including Honee,Pukey,Wei Mou and Jw :)) was pretty good, I was glad that the show was not a letdown,everyone seemed to have a good time and it pretty much satisfied my expectations (yups...it was definitely a roller coaster ride with some pretty funny moments and i think all the actors played their roles pretty well)
No spoilers for those of u who haven't watched it yet, but Topher Grace acted pretty well as Eddie Brock, I never would have imagined he could pull it off (mostly due to me remembering him from "that 70's show")Only point i would make of the show was that it was kind of disjointed...and i think spiderman2 did a better job of tying the story together...still...I'm Happy :D
Next: Fantastic Four2!! :P

New Blog layout to celebrate release of spiderman3 :D And also cos i was bored...lol
So...i can't help having high expectations for the show...i will try not to...but having waited so long...it's going to be one big roller coaster ride...
And other potential blockbusters to watch out for: Fantastic four 2, Transformers, Pirates of Carribbean 3, Harry Porter and the Half Blood Prince. I am going to go broke from watching movies....

a hundred thank yous

Run4Kids volunteering with honee: Lots of fun! it's nice to be appreciated once in a while by other ppl u will prob only meet and help once. Now if that actually carried over to the community clinics, the world will be a better place to work in...
All in all, the whole event was great fun! and i was glad to have helped out and hopefully done some good for the children at the royal children's (perhaps when i go there and do radiology later on this year...some of the fruits of our labour will actually show :P)
I got goody bags too!! Apparantly, some of the stuff in it was "stolen" by 2 little imps (just kidding, at least now they won't be lying ard in the house waiting for me to eat hehe)
Week's starting again, and i'm looking forward to thurs, when it's the start of hols!! :D